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(From left to right) Maddi, Kat, Cass, and Bekah, discuss their high school lacrosse teams while preparing for a game against Union College. The three were all freshmen during this season, and contributed to the team's renewed sense of family and friendship that had been previously lost. 

(From left to right) Em and Mais cheer before starting the second half of a game against the University of Rochester. During the spring break trip, "'til the bubbles stop" became the team's catch phrase, but it had to be abbreviated to "TTBS" in order to avoid any trouble with the league.

Emma Siefert sings and dances to "Love Story" by Taylor Swift as part of an annual tradition where the freshmen pick a song and preform for the rest of the team. 

Bith reads a note from teammate Sammy Ward before a game against Union College, the second to last game of Bith's college lacrosse career. This week, Sammy was Bith's 'stick sister' so it was her job to make Bith feel prepared and excited for the game. Knowing Bith, Sammy wrote a heartfelt note about what it would take to win that game. We lost 10-13.

(From left to right) Gwen, Syd, Cass, Rebekah, Kat , Gover, and Maddi watch Neighbors 2 while taking turns straightening Rebekah's hair in Syd's hotel room during spring break, in Venice, Fla. Most nights, after the team eats and showers, the women go to various parts of the hotel to do homework, watch movies, call significant others, and otherwise entertain themselves. 

A large part of being on a college lacrosse team is sacrifice; free time, social events, and milestones are often missed, or, in this case celebrated on the road with your lacrosse family. Here, Gover turns 20 while in Florida for spring training. 

Bith sleeps on the floor of the Tampa International Airport baggage claim while the team waits for rental cars during the early hours of the morning. The team didn't arrive at their hotel until nearly 1:30 in the morning, with practice at nine the next morning. 

Jard and Julia do homework on a late bus ride home from Schenectady, N.Y. With travel days starting as early at 9 a.m. and ending as late as 11 p.m., players need to get work in whenever possible. 

Bith, Syd, and Tink cry while reminiscing on their years playing lacrosse, and how hard it is to be a senior. Each player is in a different situation. Bith has completed her NCAA eligibility but is in a five year program, so she will spend her last year at RIT not being able to play lacrosse. Syd is graduating and moving back to Connecticut to start working in her father's interior design company. And Tink was unfortunately cut from the team as a player during 2016 fall ball, but came back as the manager for Spring, and only completed one year of NCAA eligibility before graduating. 

The annual "Rookie Party" celebrates the end of a season and the underclassmen who made it through their first year of collegiate athletics.

Maddi, Kat, and Gover sing (loudly) on the way home from winning the final game of spring training.  While Kat and Maddi were only freshmen, they quickly bonded with Gover, a sophomore player. 

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