Kaitlyn Dolan

Refugee Crisis 2016 In Europe

Refugee Crisis 2016 In Europe: Death Toll And Migrant Arrival Increases, Statistics Show

This magazine spread was created as an academic exercise.  The assignment gave the design layout (with leeway to make changes to the design) and written pieces to accompany images which would be edited from the AP and Reuters wires. 

First, I made a list of themes/key words that were intrinsic to the story, along with supporting themes and words, such as; family, education, refugee, safety, identity, home, adaptation, movement, and loss. With these words in mind, I searched the wires for images that were striking but unique.  This article, being an end-of-year piece, I knew that there were images that were strong and storytelling, but had been used in the previous months and would not add any new information. Images such as those of refugees landing in Greece or images of Alan Kurdi were among pictures I knew I shouldn't use.  These images did tell the story of refugees making the passage and the dangers involved, but they had their time in the public eye, and reusing them risked viewer detachment from the story. 

Using my wide edit of about 150 images, I then selected images that best complemented the written pieces while offering new and explanatory information beyond what the writing offered. This layout is the end result. 

This spread was created for a Picture Editing One Assignment at the Rochester Institute of Technology, with academic permissions/accounts from AP and Reuters, with the guidance of professor Jenn Poggi. 

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