Kaitlyn Dolan

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk is a collaboration between students at Rochester Institute of Technology from each year level.  The project was student driven from concept to execution, with the help of professor Meredith Davenport. 

Birthed from the curiosity of students and lack of conversation between differing opinions regarding refugees, students researched and viewed different inspiration projects, such as The Seattle Times' Under Our Skin, The Whiteness Project, and Question Bridge. Next, students set out to meet people in the Greater Rochester community to discuss what opinions people had about refugees, the idea of home, and what safety and fear mean to the individual. Over twenty interviews were conducted, with people from differing religious backgrounds, ethnicities, and genders. 

Contributors include: Boris Shirman, Bridget Fetsko, Daniel Vasta, Dominique Hessert, Kaitlyn Dolan, Michael Owens, Paula Ospina, and Mustafa Hussein.

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