Kaitlyn Dolan

Winter in Assateague

A few months ago, on the weekend of the Super Blood Wolf Moon, a friend and I decided to take a spontaneous trip to Assateague for the long weekend. We rented an Air B&B, put some Panic! At the Disco on, and drove to to the tip of the Eastern Shore in search of moon views and wild ponies. 

I’ve been fond of quiet weekends away as of late. With the overwhelming possibility of everything changing, or worse- staying the same, I find myself being grounded when I can escape to nature. 

I find myself drawn to new, green places more and more as I spend so much time in D.C. I plan trips before bed, dreaming of the hot springs in Iceland and diving wrecks in the Caribbean. I like to remind myself that I have time to explore and see more of the world, but there’s a relentless pressure inside me to keep moving. There’s a constant tug between wanting familiarity, friendships, and routine, and wanting to pack my rucksack and see where a highway takes me. 

For now, my wanderlust will probably have to be reserved for the weekends, but maybe someday soon you’ll see images of Silfra or Acadia or somewhere new I’ve yet to discover. 


Over the past two months I feel like I’ve lived the mantra everyone hears in photo school- hustle, hustle, hustle.

Since completing my internship at the Bay Program, I’ve been running around and working so hard it feels wrong when I have a minute to stop and catch my breath. During the week, Monday and Wednesday-Friday, I’ve been working at Education Week as a photo editing intern, doing everything from searching wires, to assigning photographers, to toning and helping with layout for print.

On Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays I work at Kent Island Scuba, where I am also a divemaster candidate with NAUI. There, I help people get acquainted with the sport of scuba diving, help veteran divers find the gear they need, and focus on learning as much as I can from my incredibly knowledgeable boss.

But the hustle doesn’t stop there.

Saturday mornings I film football games as a freelance gig.  Throughout the week I accept Rover bookings to watch and walk peoples’ dogs.

Sunday evenings I volunteer at the local animal sanctuary, as a way giving back to a community I’ve fallen in love with, and to get some stress relief by cuddling with cats while cleaning their rooms.

I’ve also adding taking better care of my body to the list of things a hustler like me does; every weekday morning I spring (or really roll) out of bed at 5:20 to get to yoga for 6:15 in Annapolis. After years of beating up on my already injured back with college lacrosse, yoga has become the best physical therapy for me.

I don’t say this to be braggadocious or receive praise, but to recognize for myself that I have the hustle I’ve been hearing about since day one of photo school. Maybe I always knew it- I was the “try hard” in grade school, which carried over into high school. I think part of me is one of those people who always thinks there is more I could be doing, even if there aren’t enough minutes in the day to add another activity. But, during a recent meeting with someone I greatly admire, I was told that I was there because I hustle. This person has never even seen my photo work, only worked with me in a different but still professional setting, and yet trusted me to do work for them. They noted it was because they saw how I operated- my work ethic, my overall attitude to the work, and how I present myself in a professional environment. I think it was the pat on the back I really needed after two months of straight up hustle without a break.

So here’s to the hustlers, the overachievers, the try-hards of the world. We’re making it happen, salud.


What a busy time it has been! September has flown by and with the change of seasons I have some big changes as well!

On August 31st, my internship with the Chesapeake Bay Program concluded. The summer was more than I could have ever hoped for and reaffirmed my goal to work in environmental journalism. With determination and focused hard work, I’m sure I will be able to carve out my path. Check out one of the last pieces I did for the Bay Program here!

And now I’m on my way to learning and growing more as a photojournalist. Two weeks ago I started as the photo editing intern at Education Week and began my journey to dive master at Kent Island Scuba. While the days are long and the commute less than ideal, I am proud of the work I am already helping produce.  

To see what I did during my first weeks at EdWeek, check out this Instagram story about Hurricane Maria and the effects that are still being felt one year later.  (Click on the highlight “Puerto Rico”)

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